Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Displaying photos of your sponsored child

You are encouraged to share with your friends and loved ones about the program.

You’re welcome to display photos of your sponsored child at your home or personal space at work/business to share your experience of helping a child in need, along with basic personal information (first name and country only). In order to ensure your child’s security, we request you to not post your sponsored child’s last name or specific location and contact details on the internet or social media sites.

The child details are presented to you for conveying appropriate information about the sponsorship, and are not to be distributed.

Online publishing and emailing photos of your sponsored child

Emailing and publishing photos and personal information of your sponsored child online is prohibited.

Downloading Photos

You are restricted to download, copy, or replicate photos or other information relating to children from our web site or any social media pages without our prior written permission.

E-mails, Visits and Calls

By agreeing to become a child sponsor, you also agree not to attempt to contact a sponsored child, his or her family or community members, in any manner other than that prescribed and permitted in advance in writing by vidyachetana. Telephone calls, emails or unplanned visits to the child’s residence and community are not allowed without the written permission and oversight of vidyachetana.

Planned Visits

You are welcome to visit the child you sponsor in the school or our office premise. Please send a written request to our email id at and we will be glad to organize a visit on a day. A sponsor will be allowed to meet a child only in the presence of Vidyachetana staff and a parent/guardian of the sponsored child.


You can certainly write to your sponsored child. In fact, we encourage our sponsors to write to their children so as to get to know them and their family better. Your sponsored child can also write to you. If the child is very young or does not know how to write, someone will probably help him/her to write or the project staff will write on their behalf. However, any communication to your child should be addressed to Donor Relations, Vidyachetana

Social Media

You are encouraged to develop a meaningful relationship with your sponsored child in a way that is safe, secure and fulfilling for both of you. As the children supported by Vidyachetana are less than 18yrs of age, direct contact through the internet or social media (e.g. Instant Messaging, Facebook, Skype, etc.) are prohibited.