Raised: ₹46,000.00

GOAL: ₹10,000,000.00

We are witnessing families affected by COVID everyday. It is a chance for us to come together and make a difference. In association with Sewa International, Vidya Chetana aims to provide financial assistance for children that have lost their parent(s) due to the pandemic.

While there is immediate relief promised for the child, one has to note that it is a long drawn process to socially rehabilitate the child necessarily - from primary school to finishing grade ten. From College to finishing graduation. Vidya Chetana aims to be there at every turn on this long journey in helping the child cope with the loss of a parent(s) and also find the strength and courage to take on the world.

To help these families rebuild their lives we will provide overall emotional and spiritual support through "Project Aalamban".

We invite you to donate in whatever capacity you can  to help these children.

Phone : 9019704406/96636 69257
Email : vidyachetana@youthforseva.org
For more information visit : https://www.youthforseva.org/VC-Aalamban/