The power of your kindness!

Let’s do a small activity! Try to remember a time you were kind to somebody? Now, try remembering a time when somebody was kind to you? How did both the situations make you feel then, and how do those memories make you feel now?


Fulfilling, pleasing, happy! Right?

 That’s the power of kindness - it lasts and makes our lives worthwhile. Kindness has a ripple effect and makes any situation a win-win for both – the giver and the receiver. And that’s why we must make the theme for World Kindness Day 2022, “Be kind whenever possible”, the mantra of our everyday life.


World Kindness Day is observed annually and globally on 13th November. Initiated in 1998, after the formation of the World Kindness Movement, this day is significant in acknowledging and encouraging acts of kindness of individuals and organisations. This day highlights the impact of kind hearts who go the extra mile to help people in need or make someone’s life better. Being observed globally, it also sends out the message how important the values of kindness and compassion are in our efforts to thrive peacefully and in unison as a global community.


Broaden your mindscape

Whenever we are told to be kind, instantly our mind triggers, “Help poor people”, “contribute NGO donation”! But is kindness limited to just this? To help a blind cross the road, to spend time with elderly residents in an old age home, to share household chores, to lend a pen to your friend, or something as simple as sharing an effortless smile while jogging in the park are all acts of kindness and compassion.

And with so much happening around us, this is the era that is in most need of humane values. So, while contributing to NGO donation can definitely be on your to-do list because that is one of the most tangible ways to extend support and help poor people, let’s see how else can you celebrate this World Kindness Day.


Make kindness your lifestyle in 10 easy, yet impactful ways


1.     Gift laughter and joy to those around you.

2.     Appreciate and thank others.

3.     Volunteer for community work.

4.     Share your knowledge with others.

5.     Smile and thank the housekeeping and security staff of your residence and workplace for their efforts in keeping the premise clean and safe.

6.     Spend time and give undivided attention to your dear ones.

7.     Stay aware of your surroundings and offer help to those in need.

8.     Engage in charitable giving on special occasions or make your own day of charity!

9.     Sponsor education of an underprivileged child or maybe even an adult who did not have the means to receive education. 

10.  Spread the message “Be kind whenever possible”.


Be the hope


As an NGO supporting higher education of students from socio-economically weaker sections, we are in constant need of funds. So, if you consider us for contributing NGO donation, then your kindness will certainly shine bright as rays of hope for thousands of meritorious students and their most-valued dreams.


To conclude, every day brings us the opportunity to do good, so go ahead and choose how you would like to make your day a generous one today!